Back in Rio Dulce and ready for the final repairs

After the two months break we took off from the shipyard in Rio Dulce, to go and make some money, we have now been back on Parlay for about a month, sweating our asses off preparing for her to splash. We keep on finding new problems that have to be fixed, but we are committed to take the time necessary to get her into perfect shape before we continue the sailing adventure.

Since we have been back we have covered up all of Parlay’s old scars as we have finished spraying her. We still have a lot of work left to do, sanding, polishing, antifouling of the hull, but what a milestone we have reached. Now we’re finally talking weeks and not months until we get back in the water.

With me now as crew helping to finish fix the boat, I (Colin) have Jamie from Australia, who has been with me for a really long time, and is one of the hardest working dudes I have met in my entire life. Then we have Matt from South Africa who came to help for a month before we left Rio Dulce to go and work together on a superyacht in Fort Lauderdale, has also returned to Parlay busting his ass off helping me out. We all know what an adventure lies ahead of us, which is the motivation to keep this hard work going, to keep crew moral up and keep smiling. We also have Helene from Norway who we met in El Salvador, she will be helping me out with the filming and editing, and she has been doing the cooking onboard here in the yard.

During our time back on the boat I have had a birthday surprise, where my friends helped organize a visit from my sister, Monica, to the shipyard. We also found time to celebrate big that evening at The Shack, our favorite bar here in Rio Dulce.

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